About Us

Our Story

Tantrà was brought to life by a team that shares a simple vision ; to create a support system for the like-minded creatives on the island.

The space means to serve as somewhere where people can express themselves and show off their art, in whatever form that may come. Friends of Tantrà make up a large percentage of the various artists and designers who have consignment stock within the store and work in accordance with the philosophy of the team.

What’s more, the area serves as a functional place catering to the needs of all kinds of events, with a variety of distinct, creative concepts. From exhibitions and live music to educative workshops, Tantrà can be utilized by anybody for anything.

Creative Team

Several creative individuals make up the team behind Tantrà. Consisting of its very own graphic designer, photographer, videographer, social media marketer and of course Tantra’s DJs, VJs and bar staff. Together providing the perfect dynamics to sustain the vision that they all contribute to.